Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am apologizing for my really late entry, to bring you all a little bit up to date I will start by defining the research questions again so that they are clear and then start telling you a little bit about the work I have been doing.

Let’s start with the main research question:
  • What could this typology add to the already existing typologies?
With this research questions are 3 sub questions:
  • What are the positive and the negative effects of the outcome of a landscape?
  • How could a flooring landscape change by using the forces applied on the floor?
  • What would be a good setting to landscape the floor?
My hypothesis is:

The new typology can really add something to the already existing typologies, not in everyway but in some points it certainly will.
After the midterm presentation the main point was that I not only had to use the program processing by running it’s script but also by trying to really make use of it, so by sculpting with it in a way I want. This could be done by creating architectural qualities. So before starting to do this I made some qualities I wanted to add in the floor. These include seating, tables and a path.

After thinking about the qualities I wanted to use in the sculpted floor I had to think about how to create these, and this was the hardest part. After creating a column in processing I got a little bit stuck, because I didn’t succeed in attaching the column to the floor. And I also had a little trouble with the script, which wasn’t working anymore, after checking and checking the problem was one bracket missing in the script.

I have succeeded now to attach one column to two floors. Now I have to fine-tune the floor and export it, so I can calculate with it and make my conclusions. Of course I have to take in account the lateral forces arising from the floors, like in cathedrals where they solve this with the Buttresses.

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